About Us

Sheltech Engineering Ltd. is a construction management company of Sheltech Group. It was established in 2011 with specific objectives to execute and implement all types of R.C.C. piling works, R.C.C. shore piling, joist driving and construction management of all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Since its inception the company has progressively strengthened its proficiency and has successfully completed several large industrial and residential projects.

The team of Sheltech Engineering Ltd. consisting of high skilled engineers, architects and other professionals with extensive experience in technical and managerial works. A large number of well-trained workers are currently employed in various construction projects. The devotion, sincerely, hard work and high level of moral standard of the team are what bring stability, reliability and gradual improvement of the company.

Sheltech Engineering Ltd. is a company committed to quality construction with highest level of technical standards. The guidelines mentioned in the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) are fully complied in all the construction projects of the company. The structures constructed by our company are capable of withstanding the BNBC specified natural forces like earthquake and wind. Occupational health and safety are maintained in all projects according to international standard. Moreover, all construction equipments are procured measuring high performance rating and ensuring great care to obtain the highest standard of quality. The expert technical team of the company has the knowledge of construction materials, methods and modern technology to ensure economic, environmental and social sustainability in all the project.